Buying a used Ford is a terrific alternative to buying a new one for many drivers through North East, PA. The typical price of a new car keeps rising, making it less affordable for the average family in Fairview, PA. Skyrocketing prices of new vehicles make this an ideal time to buy a used car and save money at Champion Ford Sales in Erie. Buying a used vehicle has many advantages. Here are a few reasons to buy a used car to aid your decision-making.

Low Price

One significant advantage of purchasing a used car near Waterford, PA, is affordability. If you want a premium model car, truck, or SUV, you may need more time to save money to purchase the most recent model. Yet, a premium model from two or three years ago might be more affordable. Also, automobile manufacturers no longer reinvent their models annually, so the differences in technology and style from year to year can be subtle.

Less Depreciation

A vehicle’s depreciation is inevitable. However, a used car will experience less depreciation than a new one. Driving a new car off the lot will typically lose about half its value within the first three years. A used car depreciates less than a new one because it has already experienced most of the depreciation by the time you get behind the wheel.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Your age, driving record, credit score, mileage on the odometer, and where you live affect how much insurance you will pay. Insurance for a used car is typically less expensive than for a new car because the value of the vehicle is a significant factor in deciding how much insurance will cost. Therefore, a used car should cost less to insure because of its lower value than a newer model.

When you visit our dealership, you will see we have a wide selection of used Ford vehicles and other models. So, let us help you find a great deal on a used vehicle.

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