Every season brings unique conditions requiring Erie drivers' preparation. With its frigid temperatures and snowy conditions, winter can necessitate extra care to be ready. One of the most important areas of concern should be your vehicle maintenance.

Scheduling winter service can prevent both breakdowns and accidents. Skipping this added care is a decision you'll likely regret. Here are just some of the winter maintenance tasks the Champion Ford Service team recommends for your Ford vehicle.

Improve Performance and Prevent Breakdowns

Let our service crew check your coolant levels and test your battery to prevent corrosion, freezing or breakdown. It's also a good idea to have them take a look at your engine's belts and hoses, as the material in these parts is prone to wearing down, cracking, or snapping.

A wheel alignment can improve your driving performance in Fairview, PA if you've noticed any pulling to the side or vibrating of the steering.

Stay Safer on Waterford, PA Roadways

Driving on slushy, wet, and snowy roads can be scary. Making sure your tires and brakes are in top condition can increase your confidence, though. A brake inspection can give you a heads-up about any potential issues like worn rotors or line leaks for added peace of mind on your drive through North East, PA. Tire care involves regular air pressure checks and a visual inspection to ensure proper tread.

These are things you can do on your own, but you'll probably want to have our professional mechanics rotate your tires and install a new set if yours show too much wear.

Make Your Winter Service Appointment Today

These are some of the top winter services you may need. Check your vehicle's user manual for specific recommendations, then make an appointment online or call us to schedule if you have questions. Staying up to date on your Ford's maintenance needs this winter is an investment you'll be glad you made.

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